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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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C. Costs, Benefits, and Effectiveness

Program Scope: In 1984, payments were made to 1*929 school districts on
behalf of 2 million federally connected children* This is compared to
1,200 districts serving 500,000 federally connected children in 1951.

Disaster Assistance: Seventy-nine LEAs were awarded approximately $24.9
million to repair damage to school facilities caused by severe storms and
flooding, mud slides, high tides, and tornadoes in 1984*

D. Plans for Program Improvement and Recommendations for Legislation

During FY 1985, the Department will be rewriting regulations for this pro-
gram to clarify and simplify those currently in place*

E. Supporting Studies and Analyses Cited in Section C Above

F.  Other Supporting Data


No further studies related to this program are currently in progress.

Contacts for further Information

Program Operations:   Stan Kruger,   (202) 245-8427
Program Studies:      Fritz Edelstein, (202) 245-8638


1. Includes $20 million supplemental for disaster assistance.

2. Amount provided by the 1983 Continuing Resolutions.

3.  Includes $15 million supplemental for disaster assistance.ion retains administrative responsibility for Section 6 even though funds